Internet Leased line services

For Modern-day organizations, demanding reliable, high-quality network connectivity with guaranteed bandwidth, our dedicated Leased Line service delivers up to 100 MBps high-speed point-to-point connectivity. The dedicated layer 1 network offers flexible transport for all types of applications and protocols.

The service provides a single point of contact, end-to-end remote monitoring, circuit trouble isolation, and outage notification.

Internet Service Provider: An Overview

At Netstra, we make sure Your internet experience is Great without a security threat. Our robust and secure infrastructure allows users to have peace of mind that they are browsing and transacting in a secure environment. We have you covered.


An overview on ILL amenity

Netstra is a telecommunications firm that serves a large number of clients. One among many services of Netstra is the ILL or Internet Leased Line service. For this discussion, we have a comprehensive idea of ILL. The Internet Leased Line is an excellent entry service that brings uninterrupted, symmetric bandwidth with dual traffic and companies customize it over fiber. Ethernet leased line, dedicated line, data circuit, or private line are all denominations are the same thing. Our staunch Leased Line amenity offers high-pace point-to-point access of up to 100 MBPS. The stalwart layer one network allows all sorts of applications and protocols transferred in a measurable mode.

The attributes of ILL service

For middle-sized and substantial enterprises, the Internet leased line by Netstra includes a span of attributes over broadband. The following are some of the advantageous benefits:-

Symmetrical Speed

Broadband internet connections often prioritize download speeds while sacrificing upload speeds, while Netstra’s Internet leased lines have symmetrical download and upload speeds.

Maximum Speed

Broadband rates will remain insufficient to reach the speed of a leased line link ever.

Dedicated Connection

numerous consumers pre-usually share broadband internet approach in the particular whereabouts. Internet leased lines come with a committed Internet connection and do not share with others. During peak hours, this prevents the network from fluctuating.

Bandwidth range & Reliability

Netstra’s ILL services have a much greater capacity than company fiber broadband. Broadband connections are much less stable than Internet Leased Lines.

Businesses, organizations, academic institutions, and divergent service sectors are pivoting on the Internet for viability. On the other hand, according to the Internet, enough companies and organizations already use the Internet leased line.